Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas, New Years, and half of January!

Hey heys!! Miss me?? I'm still here. Christmas was amazing.. so fun to watch it through the eyes of a 4.5yr old. A little sad news, we had to put our dog down the night before Christmas Eve :( He took sick the Sunday, and had some bad spells on Thursday. It was really hard (still is). Nathan handled it well, we went to the vet together as a family, I told him that Fenris was sick and had to stay at the vets. He gave him a big hug and kiss, got a little emotional with trembling bottom lip, then went out with the receptionist while Jason and I were with Fenris when he was put to sleep. His head was in my lap. I feel better knowing that we made the right decision for Fenris, and didnt' keep him suffering JUST because it was Christmas.. But, man, it was hard!!

Once in awhile Nathan brings up Fenris. Even still.. we'll come home and he'll call out "Fenris, we're home!" Or, randomly say, I miss Fenris.. He said he hears him barking at night. We're still playing it by ear on how to handle it. OH, Nathan wants to be a vet when he grows up now.

Ok.. that said let's get back to Christmas :) My parents came up Christmas day for a feast of Chinese food and the excitement of Christmas Eve. We put out the cookies and milk for santa and a carrot for Rudolf. The excitement in Nathan was contagious, we laughed and played.. no problems going to bed this night!!! In the morning I had Santa leave a colour by number and markers in his room to wake up and play.. that worked all of.. oh about 5 minutes then he had to go Pee. I tried to not let him see the tree.. I failed!

Jason set up a hot wheels cool toy infront of the tree, so he played with that a good half hour or so while everyone woke up and got coffees / snacks then onto opening stockings and presents. Nathan gets so excited and his expressions are worth anything in the world ( we had them all that day!)

New years was a bust. I was asleep on the couch by 10PM.. Jason was so mad at me.. nothing else to report on that night.. hahaha!

Back to preschool.. and playgroup. He's been rough at transitioning again. We're trying to figure out why.. leaving preschool, getting out of the pool, leaving friends house. He didn't even want to go to playgroup Friday morning, then once there, he didn't want to leave. He's been so good about leaving places lately that we don't know where this is coming from. I wish he could just tell us!!

The soother faery came and took away his soothers after a 5 day countdown and social stories. So far so good! Good Job, Nathan!! The faery left behind a Transformer comforter with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime logos. He hasn't mentioned them at all, except to say that the soother faery came and left a surprise!

As for his programs with his workers, he's progressing and probing right out of them. Nicole is almost at a lost since he's so advanced accedemically. His struggles right now are rhyming words, pronouns (still says he, when its a she, or vice versa), who/what/wheres in story books or answering questions about what is being read. He is reading, and wants to read. He guesses alot, or makes up words.. but I think that is normal. I'm just thrilled that he is trying and can break down words.

Our struggles continue to be patterns. omg. only other parents can truely know what this is about! I was at the mall the other day and Nathan wasn't walking properly, melting into an I HAVE TO about his walking on squares.. or avoiding lines.. something along those lines. I sat him in a time out and said I will carry him out if he doesn't walk properly.. anyways.. and older woman sitting on a bench was watching, giving me these looks I can't quite figure out. I don't care. But, I can imagine her thinking.. he's just playing a game. It's not a game. and if it is.. it's HARD!

I hope that catches you all up. I'm here. Things are well. Bloody hell cold outside and dont' know what to do today. Maybe a trip to fabricville before my membership expires end of the month :)


  1. I enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Sorry to hear about ur dog's death. I also lost my two old friends of 15 years last year and I know how it feels. They were not out pets but family members. My elder son, who is PDD(NOS) bonded so well with Blacky (Pomeranian)and Snoopy (dachshund)from his toddler days that we were so amazed! The dogs also seemed to know that he is special; never did they bite or snap at him even when he tried to ride them! My son also misses them and says they are in stars.

  3. Thank you for your comments. Nathan has been asking about Fenris.. wanted to go visite him, so I had to explain about Heaven. Of course he wanted to go to Heaven and got all excited about the idea. We were looking through pictures and he found one of Fenris. Asked if he could have it. When I said we couldnt' see him anymore he tried to erase Fenris from the picture.. or hide him. Covering him up with his hands, folding the picture.. etc. I shared some memories with him and asked if he would like to hang the picture up in his bedroom. We did, and added a picture of his cousins Alex and Vincent from when they were up in the summer. So now, he has a nice collage of his favourite things on his bedroom wall.